Barrera Pablo (1982)

Hogeschool Sint-lucas,Brussel
Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona

Office for Metropolitan Architecture, Rotterdam
Crepain Binst Architecture, Antwerpen
51N4E - Space Producers, Brussel
A.2R.C Architects, Brussel

Founded by Barrera Pablo in 2013 the office goes through great and constant efforts to create stunning buildings, spaces and products for our clients. We believe that great architecture and design must simply improve the quality of living and also add an emotional value to the project.

The foundations of the architecture and design process lie in a strong believe in creative solutions and in the mastering of craftsmanship. Our designs are the result of an intensive, service-oriented interaction with our clients, our external partners and the project context. Our approach is comprehensive: the creative concept, the detailing, materiality and spatial qualities are intrinsic and integral parts of our projects.

We are also concerned about respecting & optimizing budgets, orchestrating schedules and making technically perfect buildings fitting the everyday evolving techniques concerning sustainability.