• Location: Brussels
  • Surface: 40m²
  • Budget: 100.000 €
  • Client: private
  • Phase: Built
  • Contractor: Strima entreprise
  • Photography: Alexandre Van Battel (Wideshot)

Complete renovation of a 40m² small one-room apartment in the city centre of Brussels, near Meiser square.

The whole existing space with conventional distribution – bathroom cell in the centre of appartment acting as a division between night & day spaces – was completely removed to create one open unique space.

By removing all the existing walls and many doors a single fluid space was generated with a continuity from front to back, allowing natural day light to filter into the centre of the apartment.

All the functions (tv, kitchen, toilet, shower, dressing, techniques, wc) were placed along one side of the apartment and organized in one single continuous piece of furniture acting as a “functional spine”.

This furniture deforms itself in width along the space in proportion to the function it contains.